functiondescriptions truncated in file-selector

I know the file-selector will be given a thorough clean-up after version
1.0 is out, but perhaps something can still be done about the following:

Take for example the description of the financial EFFECT function.
(taken from the po file):

msgid ""
"@DESCRIPTION=EFFECT calculates the effective interest rate from a given
"nominal rate.\n"
"Effective interest rate is calculated using this formulae:\n"
"         @r( 1 + ------ ) ^ @nper - 1       @nper\n"
"@r = nominal interest rate (stated in yearly terms)\n"
"@nper = number of periods used for compounding\n"
"For example credit cards will list an APR (annual percentage rate)
which is "
"a nominal interest rate.\n"
"For example if you wanted to find out how much you are actually paying
"interest on your credit card that states an APR of 19% that is
compounded "
"monthly you would type in:\n"
"=EFFECT(.19,12) and you would get .2075 or 20.75%. That is the
effective "
"percentage you will pay on your loan.\n"
msgstr ""

wich in effect in the file-selector is displayed as
EFFECTcalculates the effective interest rate from a given 
nominal rate.
Effective interest rate is calculated using this formulae:

         @r( 1 + ------ ) ^ @nper - 1       @nper

The rest of the description is missing.
There are numerous omissions like these in other function descriptions.

I suspect this is due to the scheme in func.c where it searches for the
@ character after a newline to determine the end of the description.
But I really don't know.

Maybe a more cunning scheme can be devised to get all of the decription
displayed in the function selector.

(and maybe we can also display the example that goes with the function
in there as well!? That would really be helpfull!)

Tino Meinen

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