Re: bug in functions 'roundup' and 'ceil'

On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 04:00:16PM -0500, Tom Musgrove wrote:
If a file with an xls extension is opened perhaps have a dialog that pops up
that says 'Use Excel (version number) compatibility?'

Compatibility during import is easier than that.   We have control
of the expression parser and can easily select the XL compatible
version while loading.  Some pending work will make this even more

Or alternatively have a warning dialog 'warning some Excel functions have
errors in rounding.  Those functions have been implemented without the
errors in Gnumeric, thus there may be minor differences in calculation
This would be a useful warning for the XL importer to generate once
the function mapper is more user configurable.  I'll keep it in
Another possibility would be to give the option of highlighting cells that
use functions that give incorrect results...
I don't really see a need for doing anything special for this.  The
search dialog is probably sufficient.

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