Re: can formulas output text in different colours?

On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 12:53:19AM -0700, Joseph Maher wrote:

I would like to use an "if" formula that prints output in different
colours depending on whether the test variable was true or false, e.g:

=if( test , red text, blue text)

Not at this time.  XL supports 3 ways of doing this

1) Using single colours and simple conditions in numeric formats

Gnumeric apparently had support for this before I started on it, but
it has not worked for arbitrary constraints in a while.  Not a lot
of work to implement, but no one has expressed interest in fixing

2) Conditional formats.  XL supports 3 global conditions that can be
used to select parts of styles.  There is work towards this in CVS,
It may make it in before 1.0, but no promises.

3) Rich text.  We have not even started supporting this.  It will
almost certainly wait until after 1.0 and will use gtk2 & pango.

Hope that clarifies things,

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