Re: Gnumeric 0.57

On Sat 14/10/00 7:57 AM John Coppens following
on Fri, 13 Oct 2000 09:36:04 -0400 Jody Goldberg
on Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 04:42:18PM -0400, Dave Reed
Had the same problem here, Jody. And I had _just_ newly installed gal. I
checked, and no mention of unicode there...

If this is the same as the problem I encountered, see my earlier post, the
problem is not with gal but with unicode.  Do you have in
your /usr/lib directory (or wherever you installed libunicode)?  Although
libunicode-0.4.gnome.tar.gz contains the .in file to build this script, the
.spec file doesn't include it in any rpm created from this tarball.  gal
will apparently build in the absence of this file, producing an easily
missed error message on the way through, but the problem will surface when
trying to compile gnumeric as the undefined references Dave reported.

Hope this helps

Malcolm Gray

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