Two RFEs for Gnote


I'm an avid Gnote user. Since I read this tutorial[1], I've been using
Gnote to sort out the mess in my daily task routine. I have two RFEs
that I thought are worth mentioning:

1. A "tile my notes" plugin:
I like to have multiple notes open on a dedicated workspace (on gnome3
for instance). This plugin would let me mark some notes, and neatly tile
them up on the screen for me when I start gnote. It's like tiling up
your post its on the chart, only this is on the system :)

2. I also use evolution avidly. I've noticed that evolution has a
section called "Memos" which sort of appears to be exactly something
like gnote (a note taker). Obviously, it lacks the links etc. features.
I was just wondering if it's possible to integrate gnote with evolution
etc., to make it all a complete gnome desktop experience? Maybe the
gnome3 interface could have a nice panel for gnote too on top like the

I really do not know how implementable these are. I'm just putting them
out there. :)

Please let me know if any of these are worth pursuing. I could file an
RFE ticket on gnome bugzilla in that case. 
Ankur: "FranciscoD"

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