[ANNOUNCEMENT] Gnote 0.9.0 (Unstable) released

Gnote 0.9.0 have been released!
WARNING: this is unstable development release, DO NOT use it in
production environment!

You can download it here: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnote/0.9/

New Features:
  * Added core synchronization support
  * Added addin to synchronize with local folder.

  * Fix missing header for Glib::signal_idle (#667349)
  * Call startup defined in GApplication
  * Remove mnemonic references in documentation (#670916)
  * Fix selection deletion and remembering it
  * Fix quit application for glib >= 2.32

  * Updated translations:
    - Czech (cs)
    - Danish (da)
    - French (fr)
    - French manual (fr)
    - Galician (gl)
    - German (de)
    - German manual (de)
    - Japanese (ja)
    - Lithuanian (lt)
    - Lithuanian manual (lt)
    - Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
    - Slovenian (sl)
    - Spanish (es)
    - Spanish manual (es)
  * Added Slovenian manual (sl)

Hubert Figuiere


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