CLI interface in the works, anyone interested?


For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on my free time on a CLI
interface to Tomboy notes. It's written in Python and communicates via DBus.
The whole point of the project was to build something that I would
personally find useful, while at the same time learning to develop with
aggressive unit testing.

This week, a colleague told me: "hmm, could your thing have support for
gnote?". So, I've asked on IRC if gnote was publishing the same
functions as Tomboy over DBus. Since the answer was yes, it means that
adding support for gnote simply implies changing the string arguments
used to connect to DBus.

So, if anyone of you are interested in this, please have a look at the
code over at Github:

Support for gnote was not yet added, but it is in the highest priority
in my list. If you want to try using it and you understand Python, you
can simply change "Tomboy" to "Gnote" in the connection strings in the
file "src/tomtom/" in the Tomtom.__init__ function. I could also
supply a patch to make things easier.


Gabriel Filion

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