[Announcement] The Tomtom project was renamed Scout


In order to avoid future possibilities of trademark issues with Tomtom,
inc. the project formerly known as Tomtom is now named Scout.

Scout is a CLI interface to Tomboy and Gnote and it strives to be as
simple to use as possible.

The name Scout was taken from the surname of a charater in the book "To
Kill a Mockingbird", namely Jean-Louise "Scout" Finch, since she is very
much a tomboy. (and also, the name is short enough to be easy to type)

The URL that the project was using before on GitHub doesn't exist
anymore and the new URL is:


On this site, you can find the source code, .tar.gz archives of each
release, wiki pages with limited help on using the application and an
issue tracker.

Also, I have just created an official mailing list,
scout-list googlegroups com, that should be used for support questions
and for submiting patches. So, if you're interested in following what's
happening, or if you have any questions regarding how to use the
application or regarding the code itself, then I suggest you subscribe
to the list.

The list is set to public, so it should be possible to view the
discussions without having to login, but sending messages to the list is
subsciber only (to limit the amount of spam). Anyone can subscribe to
the mailing list and to subscribe to it without a google account, just
send an e-mail to scout-list+subscribe googlegroups com  The list
archives can be found at:


Gabriel Filion

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