[ANN] gnote 0.5.1


I just released gnote 0.5.1. It is a bug fix release.

Here is the changelog


  * Fix a regression in the URL detection introduced in 0.5.0
    when the URL is in a list or withing text with non-ASCII
  * Fix a crash in the recent notes when clicking on the empty
    space. (Closes #586081)
  * Fix missing headers.
  * Fix a bug where after import from Tomboy the titles wouldn't
    look like titles.


  * Updated translations:
    - German (de)
    - Marathi (mr)
    - Spanish (es)

  * Added translations:
    - Assamese (as)
    - Gujarati (gu)
    - Italian (it)
    - Kannada (kn)
    - Russian (ru)
    - Tamil (ta)


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