[gnomemm] ANNOUNCE: libgnomeuimm 2.0.0 (API/ABI stable)

*** libgnomeuimm

libgnomeuimm wraps libgnomeui for C++, for use
with gtkmm2. It is part of the larger gnomemm project.

*** Changes:

This is the first API and ABI stable release. To do this, we have removed 
the libbonobo*mm and orbitcpp dependencies, because it does not look like 
they will become stable soon. However, Bonobo is only used in a very small
part of the libgnomeui API, and you can still use libbonobouimm with 
libgnomeuimm via the C-to-C++ Glib::wrap() function.

This makes sense because the Bonobo parts of libgnomeui are, in
my opinion, likely to be deprecated in future, in favour of the new
menu and toolbar APIs in GTK+ 2.6, with Bonobo useful for components, but
not required. If there is any demand, we will start an unstable,
parallel-installable branch of libgnomeuimm and restore this part of 
the API.
libgnomeuimm 2.0.0:

* Removed libbonobouimm dependency - we now use the C type in the few 
  places that use BonoboDock in the API. This should make zero difference
  for most people, but will make packaging easier.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Gnome::UI::Info inherits publically from the C type, to fix compilation
  with gcc 3.3 on debian, though it might be a compiler bug.
  (Murray Cumming, Bradley Bell)

*** Credits

The following people have made libgnomeuimm 2.0.0 possible:

Tassos Bassoukos
Bradley Bell
Murray Cumming
Daniel Elstner
Bryan Forbes
ERDI Gergo
Ole Laursen
Matthew Tuck
and various helpful testers.

*** Download 


You will need some other *mm libraries available from the same place.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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