Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problems with ekiga.

fdemeter cantv net wrote:
> Hello me again, I have tried to reinstall libasound but the problem
> is still there, the real strange is that all sound applications works
> perfectly, xmms is ok, mplayer, kaffeine and now skype works all so
> perfectly, wit dmix, now i can use all these applications 
> simultaneously.
> But ekiga dosent works, I think that it is not a problem from
> libasound 1.011-3, if all this applications works.
> I can hear and speak , but the sound is very bad and after some
> seconds it crash.

Same problem here, I upgraded yesterday to libasound2 1.0.11 (backport
for Sarge) and the sound in Ekiga started being choppy.
Other applications like xmms and amarok worked as before. After
downgrading to 1.0.10 everything was ok again; I didn't investigate further.


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