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> hey,
> is there anyone working on jack implementation for ekiga?
> adam

I once started implementing jack support for ekiga (more exactly, pwlib),
but it is far away from being finished. This is due to some differences
between audio format in jack and in ekiga - jack uses a fixed sample rate
you supply when starting jack, and uses floating point (32bit, IIRC), on the
other hand, ekiga uses (AFAIK) 16bit integer and either 8kHz or 16kHz sample
rate, depending on codec bandwidth. Another problem is that jack uses a
callback mechanism, while pwlib uses read/write semantics.

A short term solution may be using the alsa jack plugin, which provides an
alsa api on top of jack. To use this, create an .asoundrc with the following
contents and select default in ekigas device settings (maybe you have to
install an additional package which provides an, for SUSE it is alsa-plugins):
	type plug
	slave {pcm "jack"}

	type jack
		0 alsa_pcm:playback_1
		1 alsa_pcm:playback_2
		0 alsa_pcm:capture_1
		1 alsa_pcm:capture_2

	type plug
	slave {pcm "jack"}

@Damien: may it be possible to add a gconf key with additional devices to
provide via the device dropdown list, just like the "default" device? So the
standard value of this key would be "default;", but may also be something
like "default;jackplug;tee_to_file". (Or two keys, one for playback, one for



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