Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Ekiga 2.0.2

Le mercredi 07 juin 2006 à 19:29 +1000, Don Malcolm a écrit :
> Hi Damien,
> I am running Kubuntu/Ubuntu Dapper, and get the following messages when
> I attempt to configure ekiga source files:
> checking whether OS type is supported... yes
> checking for PWLib includes in /usr/include/...
> checking for /usr/include/ptlib/pprocess.h... yes
> checking for read in -lpt... yes
> checking for PWLib version... 1.10.1
> checking for OpenLDAP support in PWLIB... no
> configure: error: Sorry but the PWLib version you are using doesn't
> support LDAP
> How do I get LDAP?

apt-get install libldap-dev
and recompile pwlib

However, Kilian, in CC, might have some info about the availability of
Ubuntu packs.
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