Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Registration Failed: Registration Failed

Le vendredi 02 juin 2006 à 11:46 +0100, Craig Shelley a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have been using ekiga for a month or two now, and I am finding it very
> stable, except for one thing.
> After leaving it connected for a few hours, or sometimes after a couple
> of days, I see the message Registration Failed: Registration Failed in
> the main window status bar.
> The accounts window also shows the account with my sip provider with
> Registration Failed in bold text.
> The strange thing is that once ekiga is in this state, it is impossible
> to register with that sip provider again without restarting ekiga. In
> other words, when I uncheck the tick box to register with that account,
> and try to re-register, the account still says registration failed, and
> making calls then results in a forbidden message.
> Increasing the Timeout value for the account does reduce the rate at
> which this occurs, but I can't find a way of stopping it all together.
> Any suggestions on what is going wrong?

try to run it with -d 4, it will generate huge logs. But it could be
nice to know what is the "failure" reason.
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