[GnomeMeeting-list] h.263 again, but.. for win32 this time

Ok, I finally managed to enable h.263 for linux, and ekiga seems to work ok with it. But now I'd like to compile for win32 with h.263 support too (I know, Windows messenger 5.1works, but I love open source) I don't know if I can do it inside linux.

The opal documentation says you need to use configure.exe, which will search for libavcodec.dll; but with opal for linux, you enable it with -enable--h263avcodec=<dir> and uses the libavcodec.so. The makefile Damien put in the snapshots page takes pwlib, opal and a few other libs and includes them inside ekiga.exe? can I do the same with libavcodec.dll? could it work if I include libavcodec.dll in the ekiga dir in the same way as sdl.dll has to be included, and telling opal to look for it here?

I'm not a programmer, just an AV engineer, so maybe I'm asking for impossible things. But I cannot wait for opal-pluginbranch to be working with ekiga.


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