Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Ekiga vs NAT, registration failed

Le mercredi 26 avril 2006 à 13:46 +0100, Antonio De Felice a écrit :
> Hi everybody,
> I use ekiga regularly ekiga at home using an SIP account.
> I installed dapper drake in my parents' computer, because I wanted to 
> contact them by using Ekiga.
> They have a router Netgate-Pirelli by which they can use also make phone 
> calls. Essentially it is a router that uses Voip to make phone calls.
> I read carefully the Ekiga's FAQ, and followed the steps carefully. I 
> tried all the (suggested) ways:
> I ran the druid which stated: "Cone NAT, use STUN." I used stun, but 
> Ekiga could not register anyway (of course I check the password).
> Therefore, even going against the FAQ, I have tried to forward UDP ports 
> 5000-5100 from the router, with the same result: again Ekiga was not 
> able to register to my Ekiga's account.
> Does anybody know how to fix this?
> Could this problem be related to other things audio-settings, 
> video-settings, the beta dapper drake distribution and so on?
> The point is that KPhone instead, by working around with the options, 
> succeeded to register to However, I do not know how to 
> use KPhone, and I anyway prefer EKIGA!
> I am really frustrated trying so many things and no success!
> Thanks a lot for your help!

The best thing to do is :
1) do not forward ports
2) enable STUN
3) run ekiga -d 4 > output.txt 2>&1
4) upload output.txt somewhere
5) we identify the problem and tell you how to fix it :-)

> -- Antonio
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