[GnomeMeeting-list] License headers changed again

Ekiga users and former contributors,

due to Damien's decision (http://ekiga.org) it was necessary, to
adjust the license headers in the source code and some other things:

From today, 00:00 UTC

- it's no more GPL. The new license model and the price list (licensing
  per user / per CPU) is being written and will be made public soon.
- the CVS repository (former cvs.gnome.org) was moved to one of Damien's
  servers, and the anonymous access was disabled
- distribution of the application - especially of the source code - is
- ekiga.org will be moved to ekiga.com soon
- ekiga.net platform restricted access to paying users only (except the
  service 0800-EKIGA ekiga net, which is a voice message about how to
  get registered as paying user)
- a license for free is only available under specific circumstances

I'm not happy with that decision either, but he holds the copyright.
I will quit this project, after I got my last cheque :-(


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