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Absolutely, I'm using the V4L plugin. The card is an Ituner Spectra 8, based on the bt878 chipset.



Julien PUYDT wrote:

Nathanael Morrison a écrit :

I've installed gnomemeeting 1.2.2 with the associated libraries onto a live cd. The system works great for about a week. During that time gnomemeeting increases in size to about 750MB and continues to grow. Interestingly enough if I pause the video preview while gnomemeeting is idle, the process memorystops to grow.

Video preview seems to be the reason of the leak. Can you tell us what device you are using ? (ie : do we have to look for the problem in the V4L plugin, the V4L2 plugin, the AVC plugin, the DC plugin or the still image plugin ?)

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