[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: sound does not work

Damien Sandras wrote:
Just use the config assistant. You probably have a configuration problem
or a non full-duplex soundcard.
Is it possible to use GM if the sound card is not full-duplex? How to
configure it in this case?
No, it is not. However, any soundcard bought in the last 7 years should be

My problem is when I run the config assistant and test my sound card, it record and play nothing... As in the FAQ it's written than a possibility of failure was a non fullduplex sound card, but mine is quite new (it's an intel sound chipset on a dell latitude D610: Intel AC’97 with Sigmatel STAC9750/51 and I use Ubuntu Breezy).

I choose the ALSA driver and killed esd...

Recording works on skype (using /dev/dsp) so the driver works at least a little bit

Any help appreciate :)


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