[GnomeMeeting-list] Connecting behind a D-Link DSL 504G?


I'm trying to get gnomemeeting 1.2.1 on Debian Sarge to connect through a D-Link
DSL-504G ADSL modem/router.

The configuration druid identifies the NAT type as "Symetric" and
suggests that I
configure port forwarding.

Now the trouble I have is that the router can only accept 11 rules,
and some are already
used for other applications so I'm left with 8 rules available to
forward ports, which is not
enough to cover all the port ranges.

I tried configuring 2-3 ports of each range (plus the 1720 TCP port)
and tell gnomemeeting
(via gconf-edit) that the port ranges are narrower (e.g. 30000:30002
instead of up to 30010)
but that didn't work either.

The router can map multiple extrnal ports to a single internal one but
I suspect that this
isn't enough for Gnomemeeting.

I also tried to setup my machine as DMZ but that didn't work either
and I disabled the
DMZ configuration.

Has anyone managed to make GM work in that configuration?



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