Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] DLink DVC-1000

Am Freitag, 11. November 2005 12:48 schrieb JGJones:
> Greetings all,
> [...]
> I am able to call the DLink models with the Microsoft NetMeeting client,
> but as my primary OS is Ubuntu, I would prefer to using GnomeMeeting -
> but I've never been able to call a DLink DVC-1000 with GnomeMeeting.
> Sometime I may recieve a video but is unable to send. Sometime the call
> will end abnormally. Sometime it connects but there is no video being
> sent or recieved.

> I cannot find out why this is happening and I wonder if anyone could help?

To find out, you should have a look at the general history in GnomeMeeting, 
you can find it in the "Tools" menu. When you connect to the DLink, there 
should be some lines mentioning opening channels for video and audio, and 
which codecs it tries to use.

There are lot of possibilities which could be responsible for a failure.

Which version of GM are you using? How are the devices connected (dial up, 
broadband, LAN)? Is there a firewall on the computer running GnomeMeeting? If 
there is a router inbetween, does it have any firewall running. Are you using 

Failing Video is a common problem, please have a look at the GnomeMeeing FAQ, 
which you can find at


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