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Greetings all,

I am profoundly deaf, and so videophone is hugely important for me as it allows for a video call to allow me to converse in sign language.

However one of the best selling hardware model is the DLink DVC-1000 which is a H.323 videophone that sits on top of the television (it does not feature its own screen, making use of the television instead).

I am able to call the DLink models with the Microsoft NetMeeting client, but as my primary OS is Ubuntu, I would prefer to using GnomeMeeting - but I've never been able to call a DLink DVC-1000 with GnomeMeeting. Sometime I may recieve a video but is unable to send. Sometime the call will end abnormally. Sometime it connects but there is no video being sent or recieved.

I cannot find out why this is happening and I wonder if anyone could help?

Many thanks


Y Ddraig Goch a ddyry Gychwyn
Cymru am byth

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