Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GnomeMeeting doesn't see my video device

Miscellaneous things...

0c45  Microdia
	6005  Sweex Mini WebCam

> Nov  4 14:23:56 localhost kernel: [4299270.447000] usb 3-3.4: V4L2
> device registered as /dev/video0
> Nov  4 14:23:56 localhost kernel: [4299270.447000] usb 3-3.4: Optional
> device control through 'sysfs' interface ready

'find /sys -name \*video\*' output:


Could you post the output from 'modprobe -l | grep -i video'.

I am at the moment posting on spca50x-devs lists sourceforge net re.
the 6029 Triplex i-mini PC Camera - which works both with V4L and V4L2,
but using the former.  Using Ubuntu 5.10 also.

Your cam has a green 'yes', supported by the same driver I'm trying to
get going:
(2.3.9. SPCA50X USB Camera Linux Driver)


E-mail: gsowww yahoo co uk

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