Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Sound breaking up

Le vendredi 27 mai 2005 à 14:09 -0700, JCA a écrit :
>    I got GnomeMeeting 1.2.1 working (hooray!) but I seem to have some
> problems to run it behind my firewall. First, background context:
>    My sound test with the druid works flawlessly, getting good sound
> quality in the echo.
>    My firewall is detected by the druid as Cone NAT, and I am enabling STUN.
>    With this, I was able to make a call and establish communication.
> The person at the other side reported that the sound of my voice was
> breaking up, and I could actually hear my own voice echoing in my
> headphones, with a split second delay, in which indeed that breaking
> up effect could be noticed. His voice came through without any
> problems, top quality.

He should use a headset to prevent echo.

Also, what codec are you using?
Have you tried without video or with video?
If you have tried with video, what settings?
Have you watched your jitter buffer value and packets loss reports? Same
question for him.

>    This person called me back next, and the call came through all
> right. However, I could not hear anything, and apparently neither
> could he. I then returned the call, and he reported that the sound of
> my voice came through clear this time. His was clear and crisp again,
> but I could still hear the echo of my voice (breaking up, again) in my
> headphones.
>    Any ideas how to improve on this? I am using an ADSL connection, at
> over 1 Mbps downlink and 384 Kbps uplink.

Speed doesn't mean quality...
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