Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Webcam "Philips ToUcam Pro"


Le dimanche 22 mai 2005 à 21:17 +0000, Thomas Kraus-Rump a écrit :
> by reading about the camera from "Philips" i have a question too, cause
> when i start the computer with that camera the result is i have no more
> the possibilitie to change the volume control. Only the micro is active.
> Soundcard is an "ESS Maestro3" , and the following modules are loaded:
> pwc, videodev, snd_usb_audio, snd_usb_lib and snd_rawmidi.
> If i connect the camera after boot everything goes right.
> May be someone knows the right preferences.
It seems you have to solve a "multiple cards" problem.

Maybe you should have a look at alsa documentation:


Guillaume B.

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