Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting and cisco.


Le mardi 17 mai 2005 à 12:56 +0200, julien WICQUART a écrit :
> Hi
> we've got a CISCO 3660 with fxs cards.
> I want to connect directly the cisco from a terminal with Gnomemeeting.
> The only codecs which seem to work are G711alaw and G711ulaw.

That's normal.

> I need to use a codec less expensive in bandwith.
> Do you know if i can add codecs to gnomemeeting?

GnomeMeeting supports all codecs that are "patent and royalty free".
Probably you can try to solve the opposite problem : can you add codecs
to your Cisco 3660?

> Why the g726r16 which is present on the two software (Cisco and Gnomemeeting) don't work????

That could be a bug, have you tried to enable only that codec, in Fast
Start and non fast start modes? What happens and what's wrong in that
case (your description is a bit vague, ie is the codec used or not)?

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