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Le jeudi 12 mai 2005 à 09:52 -0400, Andrew Archibald a écrit :
> Hi,
> I couldn't find this information in the FAQ, and there's just some vague 
> references in years-old mailing list postings so:

I'm cc'ing the mailing list so that your new post about the topic gets
indexed :)

> Is there any encryption in GnomeMeeting? Or is my conversation being sent 
> across the open internet unencrypted?  Is there any user-level

It is sent unencrypted. However, you can setup a VPN at the kernel-level
to allow encryption if you require it.

> authrntication?  That is, do I have any assurance that the person I think 
> I'm talking to is actually at the other end?

If you are using a gatekeeper with authentication, then you will be sure
to talk to the right person thanks to H.235 authentication.

However, in general, his voice or his video stream will allow you to
determine it too.

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