[GnomeMeeting-list] Problem :: Gnome Libraries + GM1.2.1

Hi all,
   I am in some weired situation. Hope I may get something from the list
as I had got earlier also, in this situation. I am having the following
things compiled at my desk.

 Gnome Libraries = 2.6.x
    Kernel = 2.4.22
    OpenH323 = 1.15.3
    PWLib = 1.8.4
    GnomeMeeting = 1.2.1 (source from www.gnomemeeting.org)

    XLib: unexpected Async reply (# some hex value!).

    Also sometimes I get the message like Abnormal Call Termination. And
if I backtrace that then I find that it shows me some

    Well I am not getting any thing out of this.

    ANd also after installing the Gnome 2.6 libraries my system has
started giving weired responses. Anytime it can hang. I thought that the
problem may be in the kernel compatibility, but I installed kernel 2.6
also, but in that don't know why but my XServer is not working....

    I am using FEDORA CORE1.
    Can you please let me out of this weired situtation? And is it
necessary to have some kernel compatibility with the Gnome Libraries 2.6
with the GM 1.2.1.

    THanks and regards,

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