Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problem with GM1.2.0 while typing the address to connect

Ashutosh Sharma a écrit :

Hello ,

 Well I have got one strange thing in GM1.2.0. I don't know whether its
a functionality of BUG (sorry), or my fault during installation.
I downloaded the source code from and compiled it
on FC1 P-4 i386 machine (with 512 MB RAM).

 While making connection:-
 on the edit field h323:
 when I try to write suppose an address like
 then as soon as I press the first digit i.e. 1 the status pane shows
that it is attempting to make connection to "h323:1" and then gets
disconnect (that is obvious). During this period the GM hangs and
sometimes does not resume after-wards after a long time then the only
option remains is to press the Big Red Button(restart).
Now suppose after pressing the first digit it tries to connect and then
resumes, the same thing happens whenever the digit is pressed.
So after the completion of the address there is no need to hit the
connect button. It automatically starts calling.
The same thing happens if I start writing in the blank edit box i.e.
when I write 'h' of h323.

Thanks and regards,
Was discussed begining of february. This was Damian answer


You are probably running GTK+ 2.6, they have changed something and now a
callback that was only triggered when selecting something in the url's
history is triggered for each key stroke.

With GM CVS is this problem solved.

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