Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Quickcam Express as second video device problem

Jan Schiefer wrote:
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Are you sure to use the V4L plugin in GnomeMeeting and not the V4L2

This seems to be a very, very common problem.
We along with a list of working webcams should add it to the FAQ.

Yes we can make a list of working and none working stuff, some camers works with small pictures but not with big picture this should be noted in the list.

So we can send out an email that ppl can replay to. Then we can make a list from that, or perhaps put it on GM homepage and ppl can fill it in there.

So whats relevant perhaps something like this?

Camera = Philips
model = Abc123
Distribution  = Debian Sarge
Works in Gnomeeting version = 1.2.1
Notest about sttings in GM = None
Small picture works ok = Yes
Big picture works ok = No
Kernel version = 2.6.11
Driver name = Pwc
General notes about issues or settings in GM = None

Cheers Johnny

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