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Le dimanche 24 juillet 2005 à 12:55 -0700, Gantry York a écrit :
> Is it possible to use GNOMEMeeting with the Skype infrastructure?

No it is not possible. Everything they are using is proprietary, and

> I love Skype, but I hate their GUI.  Although they have a version for
> Linux, I don't think they pay much attention to it.


> GNOMEMeeting on the other hand is far better, but GNOMEMeeting has an
> arrangement with DiamondCard which does not offer as good of rates or
> service.

Indeed, the next release of GnomeMeeting will be able to support the SIP
protocol, there are many PC-To-Phone providers able to work with SIP.
Not only diamondcard.

> Would you consider switching to Skype.  Skype would benefit in that they
> would have a free, open-source interface that they would not have to
> maintain, and you would gain exposure to many many more potential users.

I won't switch to Skype until their protocol is open. It would require
reverse-engineering, would be illegal and difficult to achieve.
Moreover, I don't know what they are doing with users data, so I
consider it as dangerous.

> I realize the CoDec they us is probably proprietary, but GNOMEMeeting
> could be designed to take binary plugins.
> It's just an idea.
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