Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] checking conversation state from script

> Damien, thanks for the tip. Although no UDP ports are open by GM, just
> TCP ones...
> #netstat -tp | grep gnomemeeting
> returns that a call has been established on port 30002 (with the robot),
> but during the call #netstat -u returns nothing.

That's because H.245 Tunneling is disabled I guess. Not sure, or it is the
local port for the outgoing call.

However, UDP ports should be open, if they are not, then you have a problem.
If you receive audio from the robot, then UDP ports are really open, so I
guess your netstat syntax is not correct (isn't the -t an option that
specifies to return TCP ports only? Try netstat -a.)

> Is this ok? I mean, it answers my question because allows me to check
> whether a GM call is taken place, but it is weird that there are no open
> UDP ports...
> Claudio
> Damien Sandras wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It will be possible when DBUS support will be finalized, but you could
>> also use netstat to see if any UDP ports are open by GnomeMeeting. If
>> they
>> are, then there is a call going on.
>>>Hi, it is possible to know from a script whether a conversation is
>>>taking place in GM?
>>>I want to set a daemon up that checks every now and then if a
>>>conversation is taking place in a pc dedicated to videoconferencing, if
>>>not then the speakers are enabled (in order to hear if somebody calls).
>>>   Claudio
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