Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM and wireless

 54mbs is a number the spec says. This does not relate to actual measured 
throughput. Sigh.

Can you do something to the network to load it?

ping -f between two boxes (flood ping) over the radio link.
Does the radio link survive?

Try different ping options - with large packets and 40 ms between packets.

Can you find a combination that gets the driver upset? If so, you have a 
driver problem.


> >>This could be either
> >>- a problem with the wifi driver (in that case I would like to know of
> >>other usb card that works well with FC and GM, and I will buy it)
> >>- a problem with my setting of NAT, in that case I will appreciate any
> >>help :)
> >>
> > 
> > 
> > If it works for a few seconds and if you have no problem with the robot,
> > then I think it is not a NAT problem. I think you forward only port 1720,
> > and what is the result of the NAT test? CONE NAT?
> Yes, Cone NAT.
> > If so, then the problem is on the WIFI driver side and I suggest you to :
> > - try without video and see if it works (perhaps too much upload puzzles
> > the driver)
> Yes, this work... but the wifi card is a g one, and router is also g, 
> meaning that they should handle 54Mbs, so this problem must be 
> driver-specific right?
> Has anyone successfully tried a usb wifi card with FC and GM? I would 
> like to know both the brand and driver used in that case.
> Thanks!
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