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Thanks for the quick response. I still, however, have some

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> Scott Koranda schrieb:
> > Can gnomemeeting use H.263 for video?
> Yes.
> > I do have openh323-1.15.3 built with 
> > 
> > ./configure --enable-rfc2190avcodec=dir"
> > 
> > and I have the FFMPEG library in place.
> Yes, read the FFMPEG and OpenH323 README/INSTALL for more information.

I have done that. In addition I have read the details at

When I put the openh323-1.15.3 in place with the FFMPEG
library and called the polycomm using gnomemeeting 1.2.1 the
polycomm reported it was receiving a H.261 stream.

So I moved the FFMPEG library out of the way and started
gnomemeeting again and saw the message

Cannot find as required for RFC2190 H.263 video codec.
This function may appear to be installed, but will not operate correctly.
Please put the file into one of the following directories:
 This list of directories can be set using the PWLIBPLUGINDIR environment

This indicated to me that I did have things set up properly in
the first place. 

So I put he FFMPEG library back into place but still the
polycomm reports that gnomemeeting 1.2.1 is sending a H.261

So my questions are:

- can gnomemeeting 1.2.1 send a H.263 stream when
  openh323-1.15.3 is built with  
  ./configure --enable-rfc2190avcodec 

 and the FFMPEG library is in place?

- if so, can I force H.263?

- if not, will a newer version of gnomemeeting from CVS work?
  Can I force H.263?

> I am happy to use a CVS build if that is necessary.
> CVS snapshots can be found on .
> gnomemeeting is the "old" one based on OpenH323.

Can I use the RPMS at

It appears that the version in the snapshot wants opal:

[root oregano ~]# rpm -Uvh
 error: Failed dependencies: is needed by gnomemeeting-snapshot-2005.07.08-CVS.i386 is needed by gnomemeeting-snapshot-2005.07.08-CVS.i386
        opal >= 1.15.2 is needed by gnomemeeting-snapshot-2005.07.08-CVS.i386
        pwlib >= 1.8.3 is needed by gnomemeeting-snapshot-2005.07.08-CVS.i386

So does this mean that the RPM snapshot is the "opal" version
and will not have video support?

> gnomemeeting-opal is the "new" one ( GM Next Generation ), with SIP but
> currently without video support, based on the opal library.
> Gnomemeeting is the one you seek, however we all would be happy if you
> would help us test gnomemeeting-opal!

I would like to, but I need video. We are trying to use
Gnomemeeting with the VRVS reflector network to deliver
videoconferencing for a meeting. See

If I can get it to work then I will have time after the
meeting to try out gnomemeeting-opal.



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