[GnomeMeeting-list] Webcam recommendation

I want to use gnomemeeting for videoconferencing, but I?ve been having no success getting a webcam that will work with gnomemeeting.

The first webcam I bought was of a brand and model that appeared on a list of supported webcams for a particular driver. However, it turned out that, although the webcam had the same brand and model names as one on the list, its innards were different and it would not work with the driver, nor could I find any other driver which would work with it.

The second webcam I bought had vendor and product ids which appeared on a list of supported webcams for another particular driver. That driver supported both v4l and v4l2.

When the driver was configured to support v4l2 only, I could get a satisfactory picture from the webcam using more than one application. However, I couldn?t get any picture with gnomemeeting.

When the driver was configured to support v4l only, I couldn?t  get a picture from the webcam at all, let alone in gnomemeeting.

It looks as though I?ll now have to buy yet a third webcam. Before I do that, I?d be very grateful if people reading this who are using a webcam they?ve bought recently and getting satisfactory results with it in gnomemeeting could tell me which brand and model they have.

I recognise that knowing that won?t necessarily solve my problem, since I may suffer a repeat of what happened with my first webcam or the webcam may not be available here in Australia. However, it?ll be better than buying another webcam in the way I bought the first two.

Many thanks.

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