Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: How to make multi-party Audio/Vedio/Text conference?

Am Montag, 4. Juli 2005 09:46 schrieb Cheng LI:
> Then, I have another question.
> If I separate another PC to be implemented as a MCU (a PC running OpenMCU
> from OpenH323), then is it possible for multi-party mode by using GM
> client?
> What I worried about is that it seems GM client does not have enough
> ability to handle more than one video/audio sessions, even MCU can
> demultiplex multiple a/v sessions correctly? And also, it seems that GM is
> a exclusive application, only one instance is allowed at one time.
> So I guess, even I got a working MCU, GM client still cannot handle more
> than one a/v sessions, is it right?

If you connect to an MCU, there is only _one_ a/v connection, the one between 
your GM and MCU. The MCU combines the streams from the other participants.

You can run an MCU and GM on the same computer. Make sure that GM does not use 
port 1720 as listening_port for incoming connections, else the MCU wont be 
able to receive any incoming connections. Changing the listening port for GM 
can be done via gconf-editor.

There are two versions of OpenMCU, the older one supports video, but sometimes 
crashes. The newer one does not support video (yet), but should be more 



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