RE: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: How to make multi-party Audio/Vedio/Text conference?

Then, I have another question.

If I separate another PC to be implemented as a MCU (a PC running OpenMCU from OpenH323), then is it possible for multi-party mode by using GM client?

What I worried about is that it seems GM client does not have enough ability to handle more than one video/audio sessions, even MCU can demultiplex
multiple a/v sessions correctly? And also, it seems that GM is a exclusive application, only one instance is allowed at one time.

So I guess, even I got a working MCU, GM client still cannot handle more than one a/v sessions, is it right?


Best Regards,

p.s. I know I should read through the code first, but I am urgent now, forgive me!

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> Does Gnomemeeting support multi-party voice or video or text chatting, 
> rather than the default point-to-point mode?

I'm afraid, this is not yet possible.

However, in Gnomemeeting-Opal ( next generation Gnomemeeting ) there has been work done to seperate text chat from the video/audio connection.

Conference calls aren't not big priority right now, but certainly a long-time priority. The current priority is getting video working in Opal ( so that it can be used with SIP and Opal's H323 ). After that Damien will focus on multicall support.

Jan Schiefer!
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