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Antonio Carlos Ribeiro Nogueira a écrit :
Hi Henri, I am having the same problem when running gnomemeeting using "alsa server sound" choosing in the KDE control sound system and in the "gnomemeeting druid". But if I choose "alsa server sound" in KDE control sound system and choose "oss" in the "gnomemeeting druid", in the first time I start gnomemeeting and test sound in druid, it don't crashes, but told me that can't open sound server. Then I find through ps -xa | grep alsa and kill this process, the sound in the next time I start gnomemeeting works properly (even in the druid) when I test it. AFter I found out also that I even didn't need to kill the process. Just I type ps -xa | grep alsa and it is displayed in my screen (the process), that is enough to do gnomemeeting sound work properly. I find also that if I start first "skype" and after gnomemeeting (both them running), the sound in the gnomemeeting works properly at all. It seems mad's stuffs... But it works... :o) You may to call me if you wish to test with me. I am as Antonio Ribeiro after evening (or Carlos Nogueira during the day, but it is not all time I may o attend the call) in
Hope that this "magic" works for you also.

First of all, thanks for your contribution to the discussion. Indeed, it seems kde's sound server has bad interactions with gnomemeeting... it apparently has to be turned off some way.

Now, I still have to tell you that quoting the full digest was rude: you should have cut everything but what you wanted to reply to.


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