[GnomeMeeting-list] [Query:] Harware Codecs and Software Codecs

Hi all,
   I am having a doubt regarding the hardware and codecs in OpenH323.
   Supposing I am having one VoIP card (say Quicknet or equivalent), now it supports G.711, 723.1,728,729, but it does not support G.722/726 codec.
And I want my application to have support for all the above mentioned codecs.
So the path for the coding/deconding will be different for both of the above mentioned sets. Because first codec set is h/w based in which the stream has to pass through the h/w and the second set is the s/w codec which may be taking the streams from the standard sound card.
So is this senario possible in the same setup. And moreover, If I am having the VoIP card then Do I need a separate sound card.
In simpler terms, I mean to say is that that todays' PCs come with the internal speaker and onboard sound cards. So when I install a VoIP card, then for sending the Audio suppose I connect the microphone with VoIP point, then what will be the fate of G.722/G.726 streams becasue in that case sound card will not come into the picture. And is it so that we can't have that codec support. Also while listening the incoming voice, I can listen on the headset connected to VoIP card, but what if I want to listen on the PC speaker then will it be possible becasue that has the connection with the sound card in the system.
Same is the query with the H.263 supported Video card. Because I think my Web Cam need to be plugged into the Video streaming card.
Thanks and Regards,

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