Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problems with Microtelco gatekeeper

Hi again,

> > That's indeed a problem on their end.
> > 
> Thank-you for your quick response.  The problem would seem to me
> to be a microtelco one also, yet given that all of my problem reports to
> microtelco have resulted in "we do not develop gnomemeeting, please post
> your problem to the gnomemeeting mailing and the engineers there will
> help you", I am not sure what to do.  I will, of course, forward your
> response to them, but other than that, is there anyone else who is using
> microtelco with gnomemeeting who is having problems with 
> (or anyone that isn't having problems?)  

I know there are a few users without problems.

> I have been using the default udp_port_range of 5010:5013.  Can I
> confirm that my notation is correct?  I have udp/rtp/tcp_port_range as a
> string type in gconf-editor as written above (<PORT_BEGIN>:<PORT_END>). 

yes correct

> I am a bit confused by the fact that sometimes I see packets coming in
> to tcp 30004 and above. This usually only happens when I can connect to

Then that's a bug on their end as they are using H.245 Tunneling and
Fast Start (and you should be doing it too in your preferences).

> In fact, just now I tried changing my udp_port_range down to 5010:5010
> and registered to the gatekeeper (successfully).  Checking my logs, I
> found packets coming in from the gatekeeper on udp 5010, 5011, and 5012.

Yes, 5010:5010 is invalid and thus ignored.

> Is there some minimum number of ports required by gnomemeeting?  Is the
> gatekeeper misconfigured?  Is there something else I might be doing
> wrong?

For your configuration, I would say 5010:5011 for the gatekeeper,
5000:5002 for audio RTP, and that's all with fast start and tunneling

> I did successfully make a call this afternoon, and I do see packets
> coming in on tcp 30000, and 30001.  The really odd part about these is
> that they are coming from  ????  I'm not even sure how to
> begin interpreting this.  A repeated attempt just now has the packets
> coming from the correct IP.  I have tried it with and without all of the
> "H.323 Version 2 Settings" in the gnomemeeting configuration, with the
> same result.  Does the fact that I am receiving tcp packets to ports

Both should be enabled.

> 30000/30001 mean that the gatekeeper has some funny configuration?  Or
> is this normal?

Not normal if H.245 Tunneling is enabled. Normal if it is disabled, but
MicroTelco requires it to be enabled. And the PC to Phone config window
should enable those settings for you automatically.

> > 
> > Don't forget all ports from the RTP port range and from the UDP port
> > range need to be FORWARDED and not only ALLOWED to your internal host
> > from your firewall.
> > 
> Yes.  I am certain I have this part working.  I have my firewall on my
> internal host set to log and accept all incoming packets to the
> gnomemeeting ports.  By logging into a machine on the internet
> outside my firewall, and using a little python script I wrote to send
> small packets on UDP and TCP to these ports at the exact IP listed in
> the gnomemeeting configuration, I have been able to ascertain that all
> of the ports listed in gconf-editor are actually reaching the internal
> host.
> Thank-you very much for your help!
> Sincerely,
> Larry
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