Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] alsa sound problem

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Damien Sandras wrote:

> What you have to try is :
> arecord -f S16_LE -r 8000 -D plug:hw | aplay -D plug:hw

no, it doesn't work. arecord exits immediately. however, using:

arecord -f S16_LE -r 8000 --duration=20 -D plug:hw | aplay -D plug:hw

works perfectly!

that isn't what i would have expected from reading the arecord man page
and when i first tested it yesterday, without piping it to aplay, it had
me puzzled. that's why i included the "--duration=20" in the command line
in my email yesterday.

the version of arecord i've got installed is 1.0.4, installed from
alsa-utils-1.0.4-1.cvs.rhfc1.ccrma.i386.rpm from planetccrma, and has the
following message in the rpm info:

  This package is based on the experimental CVS version of alsa
  downloaded on 20040417.103251. Handle with care.

> That's exactly what GnomeMeeting is using.

well maybe that's the problem then! ;-)


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