Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] re re netmeeting

Hi Bernard,

> Since the last message i have installed Netmeeting and It can work even if MSM messenger is installed. sometime I got an advertising from MSM but ...
> with netmeeting i have change ils server to seconix and i can call my daughter ( i hope) if she launch netmeetinf instead of MSM
> If i run conf.exe , I launch netmeeting so that does'nt answer to the problem how can i change ILS for MSM, It looks like M$ have hooked the product to keep users on M$ one more time !!

MSN Messenger doesn't do ILS, as it doesn't do H323 either. Until
GnomeMeeting will do SIP you either need to make sure you're using
NetMeeting with GnomeMeeting or MyPhone or OpenPhone. The win32 port of
GnomeMeeting is on its way, but still neither public nor stable.

Best regards,

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