Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Abnormal call termination

Le vendredi 22 octobre 2004 à 12:33 -0500, Vasileios Gkanis a écrit :
> I do not know if he run the configuration assistant. I did not, I did  a 
> couple of months ago, so I believe that i do not need to do this every single 
> time, since the configuration of my system has not changed.
> He is not behind firewall or NAT and neither am I.
> The only thing that changed is that he changed from ISDN to DSL, which should 
> have helped, but it did not. 

You should rerun the configuration assistant to make sure you are really

> The interesting thing is that gnomemeeting was reporting that I was 
> trasmitting audio even when i was not speaking. In the meantime i was not 

Probably silence detection was disabled.

> receiveing any audio data, unless, sometimes, he was speaking. As I wrote, I 
> was able to hear him, but only a few times and the quality of the sound was 
> not very good.
> I agree with you that this does not make sense, but I am clueless.

Do you have problems for GnomeMeeting to GnomeMeeting calls? If not, try
to ask him to install MyPhone.
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