Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Abnormal call termination

> ok so MS-GSM was used and you had video but no sound, with both of you
> having run the configuration assistants for GnomeMeeting and Netmeeting
> and confirming the sound was ok, and none of you being behind NAT or
> using a firewall?
> Sorry, but that sounds impossible...

I do not know if he run the configuration assistant. I did not, I did  a 
couple of months ago, so I believe that i do not need to do this every single 
time, since the configuration of my system has not changed.
He is not behind firewall or NAT and neither am I.
The only thing that changed is that he changed from ISDN to DSL, which should 
have helped, but it did not. 

The interesting thing is that gnomemeeting was reporting that I was 
trasmitting audio even when i was not speaking. In the meantime i was not 
receiveing any audio data, unless, sometimes, he was speaking. As I wrote, I 
was able to hear him, but only a few times and the quality of the sound was 
not very good.

I agree with you that this does not make sense, but I am clueless.

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