Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM and Radvision MCU v3

Le jeudi 14 octobre 2004 à 14:25 +0930, Malcolm Caldwell a écrit :

> We certainly don't want that to happen.
> Is there any harm in leaving the 10 lines that enable h.263 if it is
> available? Of note the code is surrounded by #ifdefs - IMHO the lines
> themselves can't be a problem, as they don't cause any of the h.263 code
> to be included in the binary.  It would just allow h.263 to work if it
> were already in openh323.
> Of course that does not help the fact that openh323 still has to be
> compiled and distributed with h.263.

I think that if OpenH323 is compiled with H.263 as plugin, I can
dynamically add it using the capabilities table without using the
#ifdefs. But we will see. Ultimately openh323 will have video codecs
plugin support, that would solve the problem.
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