Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Polycom vsx7000 and gnomemeeting CVS

Once upon a time Sunday 14 November 2004 5:09 am, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> I had answered your private email, but here is the URL describing what
> to do :
> Basically you need to compile OpenH323 with support for it, and then
> patch GnomeMeeting.
> I know somebody is doing RPMs for Fedora with H.263 support. If you are
> using Fedora, then mail me and I'll give you his email.
Ok I patched todays gnomemeeting CVS to support h.263.  i need to install it 
on a second machine to test out zeroconf support.  the call uses h.263 to the 
polycom unit .  the picture i receive in GM is perfect.  much better than the 
breaking up picture i was getting using h.261  however the polycom side is no 
different. i still see a black screen.  

i must say 1.2 is looking to be a great release


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