Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] netmeeting vs gnomeeting: sound screwed up?


NetMeeting is very good at optimising the number of sound buffers that
should be used for a particular sound card, as Microsoft has done a good
job of integrating the application and the sound card drivers

Try increasing the number of sounds buffers used, as that is the normal
reason for differences in behaviour between Windows and Linux on the
same hardware. Or, you may even need to try a different sound driver
(change from OSS to Alsa, or reverse)


On Mon, 17 May 2004 13:51:18 +0200
Uwe Brauer <oub mat ucm es> wrote:

> Hello
> On my IBM R40 (e) Laptop, Knoppix 3.3 with KDE. 3.1.5 installed I run
> gnomemeeting 0.98.5.
> I tried to connect to someone in the states who approximately is using
> the  same  equipment and  the same   gnomeeting  version. Moreover the
> university internet connection is reasonable fast.
> However, during  the meeting, the sound  was just  terrible: almost no
> word could be distinguished clearly. So I suspected the connection was
> the culprit.
> To my big surprise when we both changed to Windows XP and used
> netmeeting the connection worked fine, the sound was reasonable even
> the video worked (only one way.)
> Two things come into my mind:
> 		-  gnomemeeting is very inferior to netmeeting (hard to believe)
> 		-  the  kmixer configuration      is  screwed  up and     some
> 		   interferences occur,   if  so, what   would be  the correct
> 		   kmixer configuration,  just   have   the micro   open   and
> 		   everything else closed.
> And finally a little off topic question, could somebody please point
> me out to list of linux compatible webcam's, comparable to the PCMCIA
> compatible list.? Google search did not present anything useful.
> Thanks and regards
> Uwe Brauer

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