[GnomeMeeting-list] Introducing GnomeMeeting "Lite"

Hello to all,

Many of you have complained through the years that GnomeMeeting had too
many dependancies.

We have worked on this (we had a GNOME Disabled version for long), but
we had no equivalent to GConf, thus preventing a Windows port to be

Julien Puydt has worked on that problem and has coded a pure GLIB
backend to store the configuration when GConf is not used. I have
integrated the patch, and reworked the --disable-gnome option.

What does that mean?

- GnomeMeeting will stay GnomeMeeting, integrated to the GNOME desktop.
- It is possible to compile GnomeMeeting Lite, using --disable-gnome and
--disable-sdl, it will produce a binary that only depends on GTK+,
OpenH323, PWLib and usual libraries.
- GnomeMeeting Lite will be available for Windows (if our port is
successful, but it seems to be so far)

What are the differences between GnomeMeeting Lite (--disable-gnome
--disable-sdl) and GnomeMeeting :
- GM Lite is not integrated to the GNOME desktop and doesn't support the
- it has no configuration druid (we are working on this)
- it doesn't support fullscreen
- it doesn't support passing URL as arguments
- it has no about box (you won't see who has coded ;) )
- it has no PC-To-Phone configuration window

I'm not sure we will provide packages for GnomeMeeting Lite, but you
will always be able to compile it from sources if you need it. The main
purpose of that version is to make a Windows port easier. I'm not
convinced it makes much sense on Linux, but I know some of you think it

 _      Damien Sandras
(o-     GnomeMeeting: http://www.gnomemeeting.org/
//\     FOSDEM:  http://www.fosdem.org

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