[GnomeMeeting-list] Audio Quality / Echo

Hi All.

I am using Gnome 1.0.1 with the 01:0a.0 Communication controller: 
Tiger Jet Network Inc. Intel 537 i.e. Quicknets PC->Phone card.
Gnomemeeting-DRUID configures perfectly. The problem is 
whenever I ring PC->POTS the receiving line person complains
bitterly about echo of their voice - not mine. I heard them crystal
clearly as if they where in the same street. I have tried all the
echo suppression settings and whilst AGC or Heavy suppression
are the best mine end, it seems to make little if any difference at
the receivers end.

To test this, I even rang my home phone number and listened to
my wife speak via the PC(Phone connection) while I listened on
the POTS line. O/Seas receivers are correct - the echo effect
is not just small its about 3db (half) of the original voice (them).
Anyone offer suggestions/fix/help/frustration advice/prays/???

Thanks. Grahame

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