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Hi Damien,
   Yes,you 're right.I am having my assignment.It's so
hard for me :(
   I believe that your idea is the easiest and fastest
way for me to follow. However,I still get some
problems.As you said, I should begin at modifying the
plugin in pwlib instead of gnomemeeting source
code,right?You taught me to combine images from
several video input devices together and returned to
gnomemeeting. Um...I found that pwlib only returns the
PStringList and PVideoInputDevice. As there are some
functions in gnomemeeting source code to convert the
input data into image format. Do I need to modify
gnomemeeting to combine images? 
Or could you suggest a starting point for me?
Thanks for helping me alot!!


 --- Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com>
的郵件內容:> Hi,
> I guess you are students and you have an assignment,
> right?
> My idea would be to create a new video plugin called
> "MultiCamera" that
> returns a predefined device "CameraArrays". It would
> simply be an
> enhancement of the V4L plugin, but reading from
> multiple devices at the
> same time. The trick is to mix together all the
> images from the various
> devices and to return only one unique mixed image to
> GnomeMeeting.
> The only problem you will have is to find a common
> color format for all
> cameras if they are different.

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